Respite Night

What is Respite Night?

What We Do

Here at New Hope, we offer a night of respite to parents of children with special needs. From hanging out, playing in the bounce house, providing dinner, singing, art, learning, and much more - each and every month kids are offered a safe space to have fun and be themselves, giving parents a night out.

How to Get Involved

Respite Night doesn't just happen on its own. We have an incredible team of volunteers and are always looking for people eager to help out. From setting up, to cooking, to hanging out with the volunteers who help watch special needs kids, volunteering with our Respite Night could impact someone for eternity.

Sign Up to Volunteer

at our next Respite Night

If you would like to volunteer to help out with this Respite Night, please click the button below to fill out a form and Lori Meyer will be in touch with you soon.


Do you have a child with Special Needs?

Contact our Missions Team for more information!

If you have a child with special needs and would like to learn more about New Hope's Respite Night, click the button below to get in touch with our Missions Team. They'll be happy to answer any and all of your questions, as well as place you on our mailing list so you will be notified and kept in the loop of all upcoming Respite Nights.

When is Respite Night?

Check the calendar below for the 2020 Respite Night Schedule:

What Does Respite Night Look Like?


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