Why Didn't I Get a Receipt?

Receipts and Tax Statements

You should receive a receipt as soon as your donation processes. Donations from a card are usually processed in under a minute. Direct Transfer (ACH) donations usually take about two business days to process, but in rare cases may take up to a week depending on your individual bank. The subject line is always Gift Receipt. The exact sender email will vary slightly between receipts, but the sender domain is always @secure.subsplash.com.

If you don’t see your donor receipt in your inbox, try searching by the subject line or sender domain and checking your spam folder. Verify you’re checking the correct email account. If you still do not find your receipt go to the Giving section of your app. Check and update your email address if appropriate; you can also view your transaction history to see which donations have processed.

If you have followed all troubleshooting steps and still are not receiving receipts, please contact Subsplash.


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