New Hope Camera Training

The weekend services provide video for our sanctuary and recording for post-production and our website using camera operators. Each operator on the team receives training and instruction before volunteering, helping to ensure the success of the team and the mission of the church. These positions are scheduled as teams and rotate on a regular basis for our main worship service.

Types of Shots

In order to make our messages even more powerful, it's important to take some time to consider the goal of each sequence of the service.

We take into consideration questions like: are we trying to evoke a certain emotion? Do we need to emphasize the scenery behind the pastor? What's the theme of the sermon this week?

The way that the shot if framed is just as important as the subject of what we're shooting. This section discusses the various types of camera shots, with examples from our service.

Full Close-Up

Keeps full chin in shot; can slightly crop the top of the subject to draw more emotion.


Close Shot

The subject's face remains the focus, but with the shoulders and upper chest in the frame; maintain room above the head.

Medium Shot

Includes some surroundings, but emotion is still evident. A good technique for two subjects side-by-side.


Cowboy Medium Shot

Similar to medium shot, but allows room for dropped or extended hands.

Medium Full Shot

Crops just above the knees, keeps room around subject to show showcases.


Full Shot

Shows subject in its entirety; leaves room above and below the subject to include the surroundings.

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