Communications at New Hope

To ensure consistency, quality, and efficiency when spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Our Vision

New Hope's Communication Team exists to reach the congregation, community, and nation through various platforms to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life, mission, and purpose of the Church.

Who are we?

As designers, videographers, and photographers, we care about our craft. Our desire is to build and make great things - but more than that, we want to make things that impact people.

Art is a universal language, and we use it to tell the greatest story ever told.

Volunteer with the Communications Team

We're always looking for eager people to jump in and get involved with our team. From operating cameras during a service, live-chatting with online viewers, or displaying lyrics and graphics for the congregation each week, there's no shortage of places for you to get to use your talents for God.

If you would like to volunteer with our Communications Team, please click the button below and the Communications Director, Austin Duncan, will get in touch with you soon.

Volunteer with the Communications Team

Make a Request

If you need design work completed for a project, volunteer team, or an upcoming event, let us know! Just fill out the form by clicking the button below and we'll be in touch to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

Design Request Form

Welcome to the Design Request process. We're currently in the process of updating our entire creative process to better serve the congregation of New Hope, by making it easier for everyone to get what they need when they need it. Before you fill the request form out, we ask that you read and consider the following:

If you're able to answer "yes" to the following questions, then you're most likely more than ready to move onto submitting your request. When filling out the form, please give us as many details as possible. The questions below will help you gather the information that helps out the Communication Team the most:

  • Is this in the correct time frame? The communications team needs at least 2 weeks to complete your project, but requests that you submit your form one month before your promotional deadline. Ideally, Design Requests are submitted 2 months before the event or promotional campaign starts. The New Hope standard is that promotions for events and promotional campaigns need to run for 1 month. That 1 month promotional time frame does not include the time it takes for the Communications Team to create your materials.
  • Have you thought about a promotional plan? How do you want to spread the word? Take a minute and think about the following questions:
    • How do I want to spread the word? Social Media, Flyers/Handouts, Weekly Email Newsletter, On Stage Announcement, T-Shirts, etc.
  • Do you have inspiration pictures? The best way to ensure that we're able to create the best design is to share inspiration pictures. This gives the Communications Team the best possible chance to ensure that our design fits your vision. Do a little work beforehand to gather 2-4 inspiration images (or videos if you want a video to be made) to share with the Communication Team. You can resource these images from Pinterest, other churches, or your favorite brands. You can get inspiration from anywhere.

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to ask a question. Let's get to work!

*It's important to note that the Communication Team has the final say on the overall design and style of the final product. You can trust that we are keeping up with current trends, thinking about the target audience, and listening to your input. Overall, we will create designs that consistently and accurately reflect the overall vision and brand of New Hope Community Church.


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