New Hope Church: Beliefs

Our Beliefs

More than anything, we want New Hope to be a place that is truly about Christ. We pursue this goal as we strive to exalt God with our lives, experience genuine fellowship with one another, and engage in service by using the abilities God has given us.

Our Vision and Values

Learn the nine values that allows New Hope to continually pursue a relentless, unrestricted relationship with Jesus Christ.



Meet the team that sets the vision at New Hope Church.



New Hope Church began in 1977 with David Erickson, the founding pastor, leading a congregation of 75 people in worship and fellowship.

New Hope Kids

We love kids! Out of this love comes a desire to teach them about Jesus and clearly present the gospel message in a way that they can grasp its significance and meaning.

New Hope Kids


New Hope Students

A place to belong, to make an impact, and to discover God. Whether you have been going to church your whole life, or are curious and just exploring faith, this is the place for you.


A. W. Tozer describes worship as "an everlasting preoccupation with God." All of us have been created as worshippers and, left on our own, will worship something or someone. Here at New Hope Church, our goal in worship is to glorify God by leading, teaching, and fostering authentic worship in believers while causing non-believers to want more.


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