Veterans Day Pictures, Toddler Room Renovation Update, Coffee Bar Proceeds

Hello New Hope,

This Sunday is Veterans Day. We will be taking some time in our service to honor the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military. If you have a spouse, relative, friend, or loved one who you would like to recognize during the service we ask that you email us their picture (preferably of them in uniform). There will be a special patriotic song toward the beginning of the service that will have the pictures scrolling on the church’s big screen.

The deadline to email these pictures is tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 8) at 4:00 PM. Please email one picture to Austin so he can put the slideshow together:

Thanks! We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Toddler Room Renovation Update
Work continues on the new Toddler Room that will be next to the Fellowship Hall. We have taken the old hallway, two offices, and a bathroom and turned them into one large open space that will be used for our growing toddler class.

The large room will be divided by a half wall and half door, and a new bathroom will be installed so teachers don’t have to exit the room for bathroom breaks. The new HVAC unit was installed yesterday and the electricians are scheduled to complete running electricity to the unit on Monday. After that, it’s drywall work, paint, and then the new floors. I am hopeful that we will have the toddlers in their new space before Thanksgiving (which is only a few weeks away!)

Once the toddlers are moved into this space work will begin on removing the walls and getting the new Cafe area started in the church gallery!

New Hope’s Coffee Bar Proceeds
A few people have asked where the proceeds from the New Hope Coffee Bar are being applied. New Hope Students provide the volunteer work by making the coffee and baking the goods that are sold at the counter. Our Student Director, Pete Wells, works with his team to collect the funds and then turn them over to the church accountant. These funds go into a line item in the church budget and then Pete uses the line item to purchase supplies that keep the Coffee Bar stocked. Any excess profit is put back into the Student ministry for future service projects.

In the two months it has been open the Coffee Bar has brought in a little over $100 above the cost of operation. As mentioned above, those funds will go toward local service projects that the students will do in the future. Which could be anything from yard work to neighborhood clean up projects.

It has been great to see our students contributing to the life of the church. They bring an energy to the gallery before church begins, and seeing them interact with the adults has been a blessing.

Pastor Josh