A-HA Continues/All In Baptisms!

This week I will be continuing our A-HA! message series with the story of Nathanael. He was one of Jesus’ disciples. But when his friend Philip approached him and told him to come see the Messiah from Nazareth, well, let’s just say Nathanael was about to receive a much-needed “A-HA!” moment. If you’d like to read ahead and be caught up on the story before I even preach it this Sunday, just go to John 1:43-51.

We will also have a powerful testimony from one of our long time members, Pete Wittman.

This Sunday is ALL-IN Baptism Day! If you would like to be baptized at the end of the worship service this Sunday (Oct. 28) we will have the water ready for you. We also have an All-In baptism shirt for your to wear (and keep). You can sign up here.

Construction Continues
Construction on the new toddler room continues near the Fellowship Hall/Big Room. We are hoping top have the room completed within the next three weeks so work can then begin on the new Cafe Area in the gallery. Thank you for your patience as the new look of New Hope takes shape.

Have a great week,

Pastor Josh