Town Hall Meeting Follow Up

Hello New Hope,

Sunday, Sept. 9 was a great day at the church. Our Children and Students really brought their “A” game as they lead the worship service. Lauren Cochran (Children’s Director) and Pete Wells (Youth Director) did a great job bringing all of the dance, music, props, and performance elements together to make it a truly memorable day. I want to thank all of the children, students, and families who committed to bringing their child to all of the Wednesday night practices. They really paid off. And a special thank you goes to all of the volunteers who helped Lauren and Pete pull everything together. It really was an awesome day!

Town Hall Follow Up
For those who were not able to attend the service and the Town Hall meeting yesterday I did want to give you a summary of what was discussed. We opened the meeting in prayer and then had Bob Read (Elder Treasurer) give the Report to the Congregation that ended in July. God continues to bless New Hope with healthy giving, and the end of July was a month where we found ourselves ahead of where we thought we’d be.

Tony Funderburg (Vice Chairman) then discussed a proposed amendment to New Hope’s Constitution. This amendment was actually an addition to the church’s policy in regard to serving as an elder. The amendment states that, “No paid member of the NHCC staff other than the Senior Pastor shall be considered for service as an Elder.” The amendment passed and will be added.

New Hope Renovations
New Toddler Room: At the end of the meeting I was excited to share about some upcoming renovation plans that we have. First, in a move to increase the safety and security of our facility, we will be renovating space by the Fellowship Hall so that the Toddler’s will be next to the Children’s Ministry. This renovation work will involve removing walls, buying a new HVAC unit, building new walls, and putting in new flooring. We will be restructuring two offices near the Children’s entrance that were previously used as a Daycare Director’s office and pastoral office. Once completed, all of our children (with the exception of infants) will be checked in and located in a centralized location, as opposed to being spread throughout the New Hope facility.

New Cafe/Overflow/Meeting Area: Yesterday we unveiled a new coffee bar area that will be operated by our Student Ministry. Pete has done a great job pulling this all together as this coffee bar will have more coffee options available, as well as some food options.
This unveiling is actually the first step into what will soon be a much larger Cafe area that we will build in the gallery area. Once the Toddler’s are in their new space, the plan is to move the Infants into the current Toddler space. (The hallway room that has a window.) We will then knock out walls, extend the height of the ceiling, and open up the floor plan next to the hallway that leads to the bathrooms. This will create an open, inviting Cafe space in the church gallery!

This Cafe area will have room for tables and chairs, island countertop sections that will have barstool type seating around the island, and a large screen TV with sound will display the worship service in real time. Various coffees and food will be available in this area.

We see this space as a potential overflow area for the Sunday Worship Service, and also a nice meeting place for groups at the church during the week. Overall, the goal is to build a beautiful space that will become an extension of the sanctuary design.

How Will We Pay For This?

We have estimated the cost of these projects to be no more than $50,000. After much prayer and discussion, the elders have decided to use funds from last year’s sale of land to begin work. However, we have had some members of the congregation approach us and ask if they could financially contribute to the project, and the answer is YES!

We have so many exciting this happening at New Hope, and these two projects are just the beginning. In fact, one gracious family has already let us know that they will be giving around 40% of the estimated price tag on these projects because they are so thrilled at what God is doing at the church! If you would like to join them in giving toward this project, or if you’d like to give toward future improvement projects of New Hope, you can designate an offering to New Hope Improvement. 

I would like to ask that giving to this would be an offering on your part and not something that takes away from your regular giving to the church.

There are many great days ahead!


Pastor Josh