What a Wonderful Year!

Pastor Josh’s End of the Fiscal Year Report

I would just like to take a moment and tell you about the wonderful things that God has been doing at New Hope this year. God has certainly guided the church into a season of growth and movements of the Holy Spirit. It has been a joy to welcome many new families into the fellowship.


The year began with the renovation of our sanctuary. This came complete with new video capabilities, a new sound system, a new stage addition, a new color scheme, and a new wood design to the front of the stage and back storage closets.

Our Facility

The elders put forth a goal of creating a list of items that needed to be restored, improved, or completely renovated. This year the Lord provided us with the finances to begin completing many of those projects.

  1. Rekeying the Building: For security purposes we had the entire building rekeyed and all locks replaced.
  2. Parking Lot Fixed: The parking lot had all cracks and uneven spots fixed with new asphalt and then it was all resurfaced and restriped.
  3. New Exterior Lighting: All of our rusted out light poles were replaced and should give us 15 to 20 years without having to worry about them again. All the light fixtures were replaced with state of the art LED technology. We also added LED lights to the Fellowship Hall building to add more safety and visibility at night for children and families. I am happy to report that we will also be adding lighting to the front of our Main building in the coming month.
  4. Tree Removal: There were some dead trees and trees that were causing potential damage issues to the building so we had them removed. This also gave more visibility of the building from the road.
  5. New Carpets/New Rooms/New Offices/New Studio:The Lord has blessed us with the chance to replace carpets in many rooms. We renovated the office space for the staff so our entire full-time staff is in one centralized location. We built a new Connect Group room down the hallway, complete with a new floor. And we also built a complete studio that has full audio recording capability for whatever we’d like to do.
  6. Upcoming Plans:Our plans for the coming year are to continue checking items off our elder list. In the coming months you will be hearing more about a renovation project that will involve reimagining the office space near the Fellowship Hall to create new toddler space. This will open up the existing toddler room for us to create a new Café/Coffee area that is connected to the gallery (lobby) of the church. This open space will have a direct video feed of our worship services.

Our Worship Services

The introduction of our Reach, Connect, Grow, Go mission has been exciting. Simply put, we want to Reach people for Christ, Connect them to the church, Grow them in their faith, and Go make disciples! Our new connect groups are designed to have each of these elements built into the group. That is why each group is open to inviting new people, learning through teaching and discussion, engaging in a service project, and doing a fun activity together. We put these words on our walls and above our doors as a reminder that this is what we’re all about!

A few months ago we introduced the beginning of our ALL IN baptism campaign. On the last Sunday of every month we fill up the baptismal and believe in faith that the Lord will bring new believers, those who want to rededicate their lives to Christ, and people who want to declare that they are “All In” for Jesus. It has been a blessing to have two to three people each month stepping into the baptismal. Please join the pastoral staff and I as we pray for more and more people to come to know Jesus so they can take that next step into the water!

Pastor Josh