Updates and Praises

Community Outreach

I am writing to you on a beautiful June morning. We’ve had a lot of rain in Nashville this spring, but today is all sun and blue skies. I am excited because I get to spend the day with Corky French and the folks at Community Outreach Ministries. Community Outreach is one of the local missions we support as a church. They are the ministry team for the local sheriff’s department, they provide teaching and training for Caregivers who are caring elderly or disabled loved ones in their home, and Corky personally leads Outside the Lines, a ministry to the Brentwood High School Football Team. Today they are raising funds for the ministry so I’m going to spend my Monday with them!

I do have a praise report. 

Sunday, June 3 was the day we asked members of New Hope to supply beach towels, swimsuits and sunscreen for the children of the Nashville Rescue Mission. We didn’t give much notice on this one because the Mission had informed us of their need just a few days before we made the announcements. Each year the Mission provides a summer camp for the children of the mission, so there was a need for the towels and suits.

Yesterday we collected 40 brand new beach towels, 29 brand new female swimsuits, and 33 brand new male swimsuits! Thank you to all of you who gave. You are generous, and your support of these children and the mission warms my heart.

Finishing Strong

June is the final month of our fiscal year. That means we have three Sundays left before we begin a new budget season. Our new budget, new elders, and new deacons will be voted on at the church’s town hall meeting (after the worship service on June 24.)

This year our financial giving as a church has been wonderful. We continue to be slightly ahead of our budget in terms of giving numbers. This has allowed the church to give generously, operate all of our ministries at full capacity, and take care of much-needed projects at the church. I know many of you have vacations planned for the summer, but let me extend a giving challenge to all of us. Over the next three weeks, let’s remember New Hope and give of our finances. Let’s end the 2017-18 fiscal year on an amazing high note. Let’s far exceed the budget numbers we set one year ago.

We have three weeks to show how excited we are about the future of this church. And as we head into the new fiscal year we will do it with confidence!


Pastor Josh