Proposed Addition to New Hope’s Constitution

To the Members of New Hope Community Church,

Next Sunday we will be conducting our year-end Town Hall Meeting. New Hope’s fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30 each year. The final Sunday of June is designated for the Town Hall. At this meeting we will be voting on Elder and Deacon Nominations, the new Church Budget, and finally, a proposed addition to New Hope’s Constitution by the Elder Board. The proposed addition is in red.

Section B – Leadership: Elders
The governing body of New Hope Community Church shall be an Eldership, composed of godly men who meet biblical qualifications. The elders shall be nominated by the active members, selected by the then-present Elders following the receipt of counsel from the apostolic counsel, and thereafter affirmed by the congregation. Elders shall be chosen from among those men in the congregation who are recognized for their spirituality and leadership in matters pertaining to the Word of God and conduct of life (I Timothy 3:1-7, 5:19, 20, Romans 12:7-8, Titus 1:7-9, I Peter 5:1-5, Exodus 20). Novice or unknown men shall not be considered. Only members of the congregation shall be considered. No paid member of the NHCC staff other than the Senior Pastor shall be considered for service as an Elder.  

As a reminder, the Town Hall Meeting will take place in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the worship service. The church will provide chicken, and members are asked to sign up on the church website to bring a side item. We need a head count so we know how much chicken to order.

You can sign up here:

I’ll have some more information on Elder and Deacon Nominations later in the week.


Pastor Josh