The Changing Face of New Hope

As I walk around the buildings and grounds of New Hope these days I get excited about the future. Every where I turn I see upgrades taking place to the facility, and future plans for bringing a fresh face to the ministry of the church.

This week it’s all taking place in the parking lot. As I type this there are crews preparing the parking lot to be repaved tomorrow (weather permitting). Check out the picture below and tell me if you think it’s ready.

This of course was taken after work had already begun, but once completed, the parking lot will be paved, sealed, re-striped, and ready to host all the cars we can throw at it.

In addition, you may have noticed that our lighting for the parking lot was in need of updating. The light poles have been rusting for a number of years, and in some places the lack of light became a security issue. Here are couple of pictures to show you what I am talking about


Not only will we be replacing existing lighting, we will also be adding lighting to the Children’s entrance of the church to brighten up that area at night. We are doing all of this work because one of the church values on our website lists the importance of maintaining the church facility.

Strive to be the Model of Excellence
New Hope strives to be the model of excellence in creativity and service style. Our facilities are held to the highest standard, and our work in service and missions is done wholeheartedly. (Colossians 3:23)

It goes without saying that our first impression to visitors of the church and people who drive by on a daily basis is the parking lot. These upgrades will be a great benefit to New Hope.

In addition to all the work that has been going on outside of the building, we also renovated a room on the inside. This Sunday, May 13, we will open a new Connect Room down the hallway of the church.

Fresh paint, new flooring, and new decor (more to come) will make this room a welcome addition to our Connect Groups.

Wednesday, May 9th – Church Grill Out
Make plans to join us tomorrow at 6:00 PM as we grill out and have dinner together. This event will be a time where we can just hang out as a church family. Many of the new Connect Groups will be using this time to get to know one another.

I’m looking forward to it and I hope you are as well!

Pastor Josh