“All In” Baptisms the Last Sunday of Every Month

There is a move of God taking place at New Hope Community Church and we would like to know who’s “All In!” On the last Sunday of every month, we will be filling the baptismal and having baptisms at the end of our worship service.

Let me give you a little history of how this came about.

When we began planning our Good Friday worship service the staff and I began discussing a shared desire to see more and more people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior at New Hope. Salvations lead to baptisms, so we are declaring to the Lord that we are ready to be used by Him!

As a result, we are stepping out in faith and filling up the baptismal on the last Sunday of every month. We are believing in Jesus’ Name for people to give their lives to Christ during our worship services, connect groups, or any other way the Lord sees fit. And when they do, the baptismal will be ready so they can declare to the whole world that they have been saved!

We are also opening up the baptismal for believers in Christ who want to rededicate their life to Him. Perhaps you were baptized at a young age and can’t remember it. Or maybe you made the decision to follow Jesus many years ago but never took the next step toward baptism. You know what, you may just want everyone at New Hope to know that you are All In for Jesus. Well, now is the time to go All In.

The last Sunday of every month is going to be a powerful time. Don’t miss it.

Pastor Josh