Come on New Hope, Pick Me Up!

In the sports world there is a saying that athletes have when they make a mistake, or don’t execute a play that the team needed them to make. “Pick me up!” Those three words are simply saying to teammates, “I didn’t do the job. Would you go the extra mile to take care of what I couldn’t do?”

Right now I am asking my New Hope teammates to Pick Me Up on a mistake I made yesterday. We have printed awesome invite cards for Easter Sunday. (pictured above) Our goal was to have them available to pass out at church yesterday. They were delivered to my home so it was my job to bring them to church, and I remembered that around the 15-minute mark of my message. YES!

Long story short, please Pick Me Up! The invite cards are now available at the Welcome Center. If you come by the church this week please grab some and invite someone you know who does not have a church home.

Easter Sunday is only two weeks away and we have a couple wonderful worship services that I am really looking forward to.

Good Friday Worship (3/30/18) 7:00 PM
This service will be a time of reverent worship and Scripture reading. The focus will be on the crucifixion and price that Jesus paid for us on the Cross. We will also have a time to baptize people in this service. If you would like to be baptized please let us know. 

Easter Sunday (4/01/18) 10:00 AM
Easter Sunday will focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It will be a day of celebration. Our children have prepared a few items for the service, we will have a choir join us for worship, and the message will focus on the miracle of the Empty Tomb!

The Importance of the Invite Cards
Last week I listened to a podcast that interviewed a man named Todd Wilson. Mr. Wilson was an engineer for the United States Nuclear Navy. At the age of 21 he was given the responsibility of designing and maintaining the nuclear capabilities of naval submarines and warships. He served his country in this way for many years. He shared on this podcast that excellence and “getting it right” in his profession was not something he needed to learn. In fact, excellence and perfection was the only option. If he wasn’t perfect at his job the fallout would literally be nuclear!

During his first week on the job his commander instructed him to go down to the port so he could witness a nuclear battleship being deployed. He did just that, and was not prepared for what he saw. Before the men and women boarded the ship he saw husbands, wives, and children, mothers and fathers, grandparents and friends hugging and shedding many tears over the deployment of their loved one. Children didn’t understand why mommy or daddy was leaving them for 6 months, and many of them didn’t want to let go. This broke Todd Wilson’s heart.

When he returned to his station his commander told him never to forget what he saw on that pier. He said, “Any mistake on our end means those men and women don’t get to return to their loved ones. So we don’t make mistakes!” As a result, the engineers of the U.S. Nuclear Navy have a perfect record. Amazing!

Why do I share that story?

Todd Wilson said, “Sometimes I wonder if God should allow all Christians to have to spend at least five minutes in hell. If they saw and experienced what hell was like for just a few moments maybe they would realize what they’ve been saved from and they would be much more motivated to make sure that no one had to go there.”

A powerful thought by Todd Wilson.

We have Invite Cards available for our Easter Weekend of worship services. Let’s invite as many people as we can!

Pastor Josh