Back From India/Busy Weeks Ahead!

Back From India

Pastor Mark, Todd and Sheri Hutchison, and I had the awesome opportunity of attending the New Hope Bible College Graduation in India last week. 16 students graduated into pastoral ministry and many of them are now in the process of planting churches where God has called them to begin serving the Lord!

Our time in India was complete with 100 degree days, nighttime convention meetings under the tent, a graduation ceremony, and a powerful Sunday morning worship service. We could feel the presence of the Lord on multiple occasions and I often found my heart overwhelmed with blessings.

But I am most excited to tell you that God is moving in amazing ways through New Hope Bible College and the leadership of Pastor John and Saramma George. The Lord is certainly revealing to them the fruit of their labor. It is truly an awesome site to see hundreds, and on the larger nights close to a thousand people, gather each day to worship together as the body of Christ. I believe we can learn a lot from the Christians in India. Their dedication and heart for serving and worshipping the Lord is truly inspirational.

A Warm Welcome to Austin and Cassy Duncan

In recent weeks we had to say goodbye to Liza Bates, our longtime Communications Director. We will miss her and her husband, John, a great deal. We wish them the very best as they move closer to family, but I’m sure we will have Liza visit us from time to time with her band FlyFaith!

With that, we say hello to our new Communications Director, Austin Duncan! Austin and his wife, Cassy, will be moving to the Nashville area in the coming months and when they arrive Austin will take on the full-time responsibilities of our Communications position. He has extensive training in graphic design, multi-media, social media, and various other communications platforms. Please join me in praying that Austin and Cassy will sell their home quickly in Texas so they can join us in Brentwood. I know they are eager to get here and become a part of New Hope.

Souper Sunday and Town Hall Meeting

This Sunday after our worship service we will have our quarterly town hall meeting in the sanctuary. This meeting should last roughly 15 to 20 minutes. We will then go to the Fellowship Hall for our Souper Sunday lunch! This is always a fun event at the church, so make plans to join us. You can go to the website and let us know if you plan on attending.


Pastor Josh