A Devotion: Don’t Get Angry

Proverbs 29:11(AMP)

11 A [shortsighted] fool always loses his temper and displays his anger,
But a wise man [uses self-control and] holds it back.

There is no shortage of things to get angry about these days. Social media has made everyone an expert on everything, and opinions are easily shared on every platform. Traffic is at an all-time high, and never have we felt more entitled to the “good things” in life. The combination of these things makes it very easy to slide into an angry mood. When we’re not mindful of this we can be like ticking time-bombs, ready to explode on anyone who is around when the first challenge of the day doesn’t go our way.

Proverbs warns us that only shortsighted fools behave in this way, and as one wise person I know used to say, “God doesn’t honor fools.” The key to not losing your temper is to be mindful of displaying self-control. In anger-inducing situations it is perfectly healthy (and wise) to steer your attitude toward a more peaceful resolution by silently repeating in your head, “It’s going to be okay. Stay calm. Breathe. It’s going to be okay. Stay calm. Breathe.” We may not have a 100% success rate on this tactic, but making it a part of our practice might begin turning our life’s page to one of self-control and not foolish anger. This is how you become mindful of practicing self-control.

Have you let anger and foolishness win out?

Do you often say to yourself, “Why did I say that?” Or, “Why did I behave in that way?”

Yes, there will be times when we want to vent our frustrations, and there may even be times when we raise our voice. But those should be the exceptions in life, not the rule.

A wise person uses self-control and holds back their anger.

Slow down. It’s going to be okay. Stay calm. Breathe.

Heavenly Father, you know my desire is to represent you in a positive light for all the world. I can’t do that if I am losing my temper and displaying anger. Fill my soul with a calm spirit. Help me to practice self-control. I know that you are the One in control, and that should help me to stay calm and know it’s going to be okay. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Pastor Josh