Christmas at New Hope, 2017

The Children’s Christmas Program

That’s the only word I can think of to explain what Sunday at New Hope felt like. We began the morning with a worship service, but this would not be a normal Sunday. Our children, led by Mrs. Lauren Cochran, presented a Christmas Program called Census Time in Bethlehem. They did an excellent job of telling the story of Jesus’ birth. I am so excited about the future of New Hope’s kids. I remember years ago, long before I was a part of the New Hope family, I visited the church of one of my cousins. At the time he had young children who were actively involved in the Children’s ministry of his church. When I asked him what drew his family to the church he said, “For us, it was all about the children’s ministry. When we saw that they were on top of their game, they had us.” Ms. Lauren certainly has the arrow pointing up for the children’s ministry of New Hope, and we saw that on Sunday.

And that arrow will keep going up as this weekend will be the start of some slight renovation work in the Children’s Ministry/Fellowship Hall. It will involve painting and creating more space in the big room for future children’s ministry projects. If you would like to help paint or tear down a couple of walls, work will be taking place this Friday and Saturday.

Celebrate with Family Dinner and Talent Show Success!
Another successful year of the Christmas Dinner and Talent Show is in the books. The New Hope Fellowship team, led by deacon David Taylor, did an awesome job of setting up, decorating, and organizing this event. Special thanks to this wonderful group for all of their planning and hard work! I said this on Sunday night, but I’ll say it again, I love the Celebrate with Family Dinner and Talent Show! Not only are we able to have dinner together and spend a little quality time getting to know each other, we’re also able to sit in the sanctuary and be entertained by the talents of New Hope’s people. This year we had singing, dancing, storytelling, readings, and even a little comedy. Every year I walk away from this event even more in love with this church. I hope you feel the same way.

Christmas Eve Worship: 10:00 AM
This Sunday we will have one Christmas Eve Worship service at 10:00 AM. This will be a candlelight service. When you enter the sanctuary we will be passing out LED candlesticks. In years past we were always a little concerned about passing out candles to young children in the sanctuary. You know, the whole thing with fire and candle wax :-). However, the addition of the LED candles allows us to have the same effect of the candlelight service with a much safer result.

It’s a Family Service
The Christmas Eve service is a whole family service. Which means there will be no childcare for any age level. Families will be together in the sanctuary for the service. However, we will make our nursery room available for any parent who needs to step out with their baby or toddler. There will be televisions in both the gallery and nursery that will be displaying the sound and video of the worship service so no one has to miss a thing.

Merry Christmas!
On behalf of New Hope Community Church, let me extend warmest wishes to you and your family this Christmas season. May Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love be present in your lives as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus. I am looking forward to celebrating his birth with you this Sunday.


Pastor Josh