Rest Area Preaching Series Begins

(Read Below: Maybe you can relate.)

From Anonymous,

My days have started to blend together. I don’t know when one ends and one begins. It seems like I’m running from one place to the next, and half the time I have to stop and try to remember if I’m forgetting something. Is there somewhere I’m supposed to be? Do they really need me to be at that event? Did I remember to sign my kid up for that sport? That dance? The band? The fall field trip? Every night this week is booked. Looks like fast food for dinner every night.

The text messages start rolling in first thing in the morning, and when the phone rings I have to take a breath to answer it. I still need to schedule that meeting with the person who wants to have lunch, but all the lunches are already booked for the next two weeks. 

It’d be nice to get together with some friends one weekend, but the next 5 weekends are already booked with activities for the kids. Oh look, there’s an opening on Saturday, November 28th. (Quick, pencil it in.)

Every once in a while I have a chance to sit down on the couch for a bit of rest, but when I take five minutes for myself I feel guilty. There’s so many things I could be getting done. I’m too busy to rest. Too busy for everything. 


Too Tired to Rest

An iconic line from the movie Ferris Buehler says this, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.” Isn’t that the truth? Are you moving so fast through life that you feel like you aren’t taking a moment to enjoy anything?

And what about God? Where does that relationship fit into the picture?

I remember several years ago when I was a youth pastor a parent said to me, “I’m sorry you don’t see my family at church much, but Sunday is the only time we don’t have to be anywhere.” The truth is, that’s not true anymore, and that’s because activities and busyness have even invaded Sunday mornings. And just so you know I’m not picking on one individual family, I have probably had several other families say the same thing to me since that time.

When it comes to today’s calendar planning, no day is sacred. An open day is a day to be filled. But hear me out for a minute…


Here is a truth that should cause all of us to pause. Not embracing rest will almost always lead to burnout, frustration, and pain.  

God designed each and every individual to need rest. Not just once in a while, but once a week. From the very beginning, He modeled a ‘sabbath’ day where the only focus would be on Him and the rest, comfort, and peace that can only be found in Him. In the Sabbath, the Lord offers us a time of reflection, refocusing, replenishing, refreshing, and reconnecting with our Creator, God.

Starting this Sunday we’ll begin a new message series called Rest Area. The theme will be, you guessed it, REST! Pastor Mark will begin with a message titled, ‘Too Tired to Rest’, and from the moment you walk into the sanctuary you’ll notice a different feel to the service. Prepare to relax and simply worship this weekend.

If you find yourself craving rest, and even more importantly, you desire more rest in Jesus, make plans to join us over the next four weeks.

Week 1: Too Tired to Rest
Week 2: The Rhythm of Rest
Week 3: The Wisdom of Rest
Week 4: Sacred Rest

Pastor Josh