New Hope’s 2017-18 Elder and Deacon Boards

Hello New Hope Community,

One of the ways I would like to use this blog in the future is by making announcements and keeping you informed of the behind the scenes action at the church. The New Hope leaders and I are all about communicating as much as possible so that anyone who stops by the church website can be “in the know.”

With that being said, last week we held our first deacon meeting of the new fiscal year. New Hope’s fiscal year begins July 1st of each calendar year. Our deacon meetings take place on the last Monday of every month, while our elder board generally meets every other Wednesday night.

New Hope is an elder led church. The elders provide oversight and direction for the deacon teams, who, in turn, carry out the work of the church. This oversight includes praying and seeking God’s Wisdom on all spiritual matters of the church. If someone who attends New Hope is in need of prayer, guidance, or support, the elders want you to know that they are available to pray with you and for you at their meetings. In fact, praying for others is the best aspect of being an elder.

As the senior pastor, I am the mantle leader of the elder board, but I am one of seven, and we work as a team. Our elders are nominated and affirmed by the membership. Here is a list of this year’s elder board.

Elder Board
Pastor Josh: Senior Pastor, Mantle Leader
Tony Funderburg: Vice Chairman
Bob Read: Treasurer
Todd Craver
Todd Hutchison
Toby McCord
Bill Scott

As Vice Chairman, Elder Tony Funderburg is the leader of our deacon meetings. This monthly meeting is attended by both church staff and deacons, and includes updates of each previous months accomplishments. Now that our new deacon board has met for the first time, we were able to assign new team leaders for the year. Below is a list of each team, along with the deacon who leads the team. (in no particular order)

Deacon Board
Finance Team
: Sean McDonald
Buildings and Grounds: Robert Meyer
Communication Team: Frank Limpus
Ushers and Greeters: Randy Cathcart
Missions Team: Jen Wilson, Randy Smith
Membership/Fellowship Team: David Taylor
Prayer Team: Tracy Collom

Members of the church are encouraged to participate in serving, and joining one of these teams is the perfect way to do so.

Hopefully, this blog has given you a little information on how the governance of New Hope works. We also have a Constitution and By-Laws that our elders and deacons must abide by. You can read that on the website as well!

On a side note: Sign-ups have begun for our brand new Fall Connect Groups. The early returns are showing extremely positive results! Let’s keep the positive momentum going. Go to the Connect Groups link on the church website to sign-up for a group. It is our desire to see every attendee of New Hope signed-up for a group this Fall!

Have a great week!

Pastor Josh