Click Ahhhh (Pastor Mark)

A blog from our new Connections Pastor, Mark Edington.

Pictured below are Mark, his wife, Lisa, and daughters, Samantha and Emily.

You know that sound that you make when you take a big refreshing drink on a hot day? Growing up, my dad taught me the “click ahhhh” method. He didn’t know it, but I was watching (& listening). He would always close his eyes, tilt his head back, take a big gulp…then end with a “click ahhhh”. It’s funny, my girls asked me the other day if I knew that I did that? I just smiled and said…“you can thank your Grandad for that”.

Have you ever felt like your life just needed a big “click ahhhh”? Well that’s where our family is. We have always been willing (still are) to go wherever God sends us. We just didn’t know it would mean going to Arkansas, Alaska & New York City. Arkansas gave us some of the best friends of our life…Alaska is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been…and I’ve dreamt of living in NYC since I was 15. I am truly thankful for the incredible adventures we have had in serving Christ all over the world. We have been so blessed! But…if I’m being completely honest, I’m really thankful to be back where it all started. My wife Lisa & I moved to Nashville back in 1997 right out of college. In fact, our first house was in Franklin. Our daughter Samantha was also born here. So…when I say we’re coming home, we’re really coming home (even though Lisa & I were born in Texas). Being back in Tennessee is giving our life that much needed “click ahhhh”.

I can’t wait to get started connecting each of you. Right about now you’re asking yourself…“connecting me to what”? Well first of all, I want to personally connect with each of you in the days, weeks, months & years to come. But I also want to connect you to each other. I like how the Amplified Bible says it in Acts 2…

Day after day they met in the temple continuing with one mind, and breaking bread in various private homes. They were eating their meals together with joy and generous hearts…”
–Acts 2:46

I love it when we come together each Sunday to worship at New Hope. I’ll be leading worship at times, and I absolutely love it! But did you see what the Apostle Paul said next? Not only did the early church meet to worship together as a large group, but they also met in smaller groups throughout the community in their various homes. Coming this fall, each of you will have the opportunity to “connect” with like-minded people in a smaller setting. It will be a time to make new friends, learn something new, eat good food & grow in your faith. Even now, begin praying about your involvement in one of these groups. It’s my prayer that everyone at New Hope gets plugged into one of our many “connect groups”. Maybe you feel led to lead one. That’s great! If so, just let me know & we can go from there. At whatever level you decide to participate, you don’t want to miss out!

So…join me in taking a big “click ahhhh”. Let’s drink in together all that God has in store for us here at New Hope…the greater community of Davidson & Williamson Counties…and beyond.

To God Be the Glory!

-Mark Edington

Connections Pastor