What Does That Logo Mean (Pastor Josh)

I was excited this past week to see a brand new sign going up in our gallery at New Hope. Sean McDonald, our deacon over buildings and grounds, took our brand new logo and carved it into a sheet of metal, built a frame, added some LED lights, and BOOM! A new sign was on the wall.

If you have attended New Hope you have probably noticed that this new logo is popping up everywhere. Yes, it looks good. And yes, we are proud of the new “look” of the church. But I wanted to write this blog today to let you know that the logo actually has a deeper meaning.

A little over a year ago I began sketching out a new logo that I wanted to represent us as a church. More specifically, the church that I believed God desires us to be. The criteria for the logo was simple…

It needed to be memorable.

It needed to be pleasing the eye.

It needed a deeper meaning.

What we came up with fits that description. When we unveiled the logo a year ago I explained its meaning to the New Hope congregation, but as they say, repetition isn’t a bad thing. And since we have hung a new sign in our entry way, maybe it’s time for me to tell you once again what it means.

1. The Circle

When a man and woman get married they place a ring on the finger of the other. This ring is a symbol of love and devotion. The circle goes around the finger and “connects” all the way around. Simply put, the circle is a symbol that means “forever”. Whatever is contained within the circle stands as the thing that is most precious to you. In the case of New Hope, our circle will stand for what is most precious to us! That is why I knew that New Hope’s logo needed to be circular. But what would go inside?

2. The Foundation

Matthew 7:24 “Everyone who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”  It is absolutely essential that New Hope’s teaching be grounding and built on the foundation of God’s Word. That’s why there is a bar representing that foundation in our logo. When you come to our church we desire to share His Word so that those who hear it can put it into practice, thus, enabling people to build on the rock.

3. The Arrow

On one side of New Hope’s gallery we have placed our vision statement on the wall. Pursuing a Relentless, Unrestricted Relationship With Jesus Christ. When someone is pursuing Jesus with every fiber of their being, the natural overflow of that pursuit will point other people to Jesus as well. That is why we have made Pointing People to a Relationship with Jesus Christ as our first core value.

So, let’s put the whole thing together…

The Arrow means that everything we do will point people to Jesus Christ, which is directly above the Foundation that is anchored to the inerrant Word of God, which is enclosed by a Circle that means this is what we hold most dear to our heart. We are…