hope is rising

A place to belong, to make an impact, & to discover God.
Whether you have been going to church your whole life, or are curious and just exploring faith, this is the place for you.

Hope is Rising student ministries is a dynamic environment where middle and high school students gather to explore their relationship with Christ and others. We meet in the Student Building on Sundays and Wednesdays and there is absolutely nothing stale about these gatherings! Students will soon discover hundreds of reasons to return each week to explore faith, friendships, and accountability.

Sunday morning 8:45am-9:45am
We meet every Sunday morning in the student center (the Brick Building in the back…just look for the logo)! Doors open @ 8:30AM. Students are invited to come early for a FREE breakfast and to hang out with small group leaders before we start at 8:45AM.

Wednesday night 6:30pm-7:30pm
Doors open @ 6:00PM. Come join us for a night full of fun, games, small groups, and lessons that will deepen our faith!



Parent Questions

Is there anything for me?
YES! Research has proven you are the biggest influence in your teen’s life! So our goal is to Partner with you. Periodically we offer great parenting classes taught by seasoned/experienced parents.

How can I, as a parent, get involved with Hope is Rising?
We’re glad you asked! There are lots of ways to share in the fun, even as you experience your own spiritual growth through serving! You can start by asking your student’s Small Group Leader how you can support them. Offer to set up a trip, provide transportation to an outing, host a gathering or even send them an encouraging note. Anytime you can provide the leader an opportunity to just hang out with your students, ministry is happening. If you still want to do more, consider contributing in the Kitchen Team, or Event Volunteer! For more information, contact Peter Wells at pete@newhopechurchtn.org

How is my student’s Small Group Leader and group chosen?
Small Group Leaders volunteer to participate and then go through Kid Safe and an Interview/Approval process before being selected to lead students. We group all students by ages and gender.

Can my student bring a friend to Hope is Rising?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Hope is Rising is designed to be fun and inspirational for every student! We’re thrilled when your student is so excited about what he or she is experiencing at church that it has to be shared!

My student has expressed a desire to be baptized. What is the process?
That’s awesome! We’re excited with you! Check in with Pastor Josh and he will get you everything you need to schedule it.